Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mosquitoes are keeping us on the move...

How do you feel about mosquitoes?  Are they a pest that you would like to get rid of? Our family has a little bit different take on them. They are our lively hood ... their existence pays our bills.  If you are scratching your head when I say this let me fill you in.  My husband  is an entomologist who raises  mosquitoes and biting midges. This month our whole family is traveling with him through 5 states  trying to capture these little pests so they can   involuntarily be a part of a research project.  They will become the star of the show. So far we have  traveled 2500 miles in a little less than 2 weeks.  The moon is approximately 250,000 miles away from earth so we have  traveled 1/100 of the way there and we still have 3 states to cover.

The trip before we left was stressing me out because I am a planner.  Usually before I leave on a trip I know exactly where we are going, how long we are going to be there and where we will stay.  This trip I didn't know any of that. I kept asking questions which was driving my husband crazy.   Now after traveling for almost two weeks I realize that the lack of planning has been a blessing in disguise.  It has allowed my husband and I to have to communicate and make decisions together more than our usual trips.  It has also allowed us to be flexible since we are traveling with our 7 month old.  Having a child a long at times has changed all the rules so due to the nature of the trip and our wee one there are some people who I would have loved to have seen on this trip that I probably will not get to connect with. 

The other blessing  has been getting to understand more of the complexity of what my husband does for his job. When Bill and I go to social gathering one of the common questions is "What do you do for your job?"  I listen to his answers thinking how sciency they sound not really understanding  anything he is saying fully.  I usually zone out trying to  look interested. On this trip my title is a volunteer.  I thought that meant I was pretty much a warm body doing the same thing I do at the parties, but I have actually been quite busy.  I have been calling mosquito abatement  centers everyday looking for contacts, explaining the project as much as I can.  I have been sending and answering emails, logging all the information, looking for  trapping sites and booking hotel room.  Bill has been driving,  setting up traps, sorting mosquitoes, making sure the contacts have what they need and understand all the protocols, and building re pore  for positive partnership to be established. We have been praying  for mosquitoes but  so far God has not answered as we expected.  Instead he has allowed us to make GREAT contacts with people who have been trapping in their areas who are  going to trap over a period of time.    They  have also given us contacts in other areas.  Some places got the email that Bill's boss sent ou  introducing the study and just did not take the time to respond because they have been busy.  They needed the information explained personally and then they are more than willing to help.

Charleigh's job on this trip was to be a good traveler who is adorable.  She has done a pretty good job with that. She has had many first experiences.  She probably will not  remember  any of them but at least she is having her life enriched. She has started standing but no walking yet but it wont be long.