Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Lord Bless My Child" and other Books

This morning I am trying not to watch as much TV during every  feeding.  It is becoming a bad habit and is not filling my head with beneficial material.  So I went to the bookshelf to see what books I haven't read or never finished.  One of the books is called "Lord bless my Child" by William and Nancy Carmiceal.  It is a collection of prayers about the development of your child's character development.   I spent one feeding reading on and praying for my little one to have a compassionate heart.  I also pulled off books that have a short daily  reading such as  "The Purpose Driven Life", "Love Dare", "31 Days of Praise", etc.  I am hoping ignite a passion for reading and studying again. 

 I also took out one of my old totally torn apart Bibles.  My goal is to go through the Gospels. I am starting at the beginning with Matthew.  I am going to put this Bible to use by scanning the notes into my computer and added them to my study journal documents.  Either that or cutting out the parts that jump out to me and glueing it in a written journal (but I am trying to reduce the books and paper that are just sitting around).  Good way to recycle something old tattered and incomplete.

Another book I am going to try to read is a book I got for my wedding.  "Created to be his Help Meet" by Debi Pearl...the woman that gave it to me warned me that somethings in the book will make me mad.  I will have to see if that is true.  I will let you know how it is going as I make new discoveries.

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