Friday, January 7, 2011

Dirty Tricks

Good news my baby slept through the night.  Praise Jesus I got some sleep, but since she has not done that before I must admit I had to go check her several times to make sure that her chest had a rhythmic rise and fall at 4:30 and 6:00 AM. 

Once she got up I noticed she must have spit up in the middle of the night because she  had a little bit of white residue  around her mouth.  As she ate she lifted her arm for me to see some kind of  black lint in the crevasses of her armpits. Then she opened her little hands to find the same black lint in the lines between her fingers and her hands the same black lint.  How does a baby get dirty when all she does is eat, sleep and poo. Maybe it is the tummy time where he hands actually touch the blankets on the floor.  On top of that she has a stuffy nose so I've been suctioning her nose, stinging  little booggers across her upper lip. So tonight became bath night. The first bath we were quite clumsy but we now have a system and it work great because we work as a team. Now our baby can smell good and clean. Charleigh likes bath time until it is over and we are drying off and getting dressed.

Something that has been a stretch for my husband is the poopy diapers.  When we were dating he use to say he would never be able to do it  and he would only do it for the woman he loved.  Well, here we are 4 years later, married and with a little cherub.  The first one we changed together he almost threw up but he endured. Now he does change the poopy diapers but he reminds me how wonderful I am when I volunteer to do the really gross ones.  You would think this cute little thing wouldn't have gross things coming out but lately she fills them up  at least one time a day.  All the more reason to give her a bath.

 So now we start the dirty work all over again. So until the next time...

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