Monday, January 31, 2011

Making adjustments to motherhood

This afternoon I am in front of the fireplace watching the fire dance on a log while I sit and feed my daughter.  I am trying to get things organized so I can set up an inspection for us to be an approved licenced home care facility.   Starting this business is quite a feat; but it will be worth it in the end because i will be able to stay home with my daughter..

Floor play time...
Will they hold hands?

Charleigh playing with her new friend

I am beginning to wonder how my daughter is going to handle it. We had friends over the other night who have a little boy. Charliegh became a different baby. She got quiet and was so serious and then fussiness began. The parents had fun but  I think she was a little stressed because she was up till 1. So we all  slept in the next morning.  I can't do that everyday though.  It is days like this that I realize how blessed we are that on a normal night when she sleeps 4-5 hours between feedings at night. (She goes to sleep at 10 and sleeps till 2-3 and then up again at 7ish.)

Luckily today I see a glimmer of hope that all will be OK. My sweet smiley baby has returned.  i took her to the church nursery tonight to change her twice.  She watched the children intently as they played. So I think  that  she might be intrigued by the play of other children which in turn will be better for her social development.

As for me, I am adjusting to get us ready to go to places on time. So that will be an adjustment on my part even though we don't have to go somewhere for me to work. I do have to be ready for other children to come to our home and work around there schedules as well as meeting my daughters needs. Again this will be a hard juggling act but when we get into a grove hopefully we will all be better for it.


  1. Oh, I hope she adjusts well to all the other littles being around. I'm sorry you had a rough night after she left. I didn't notice her acting strange, but I'm not around her as much. Here's to a smooth transition...

  2. it will all work out, it will take her time to adjust but when she is a little older it will be a blessing for her to have others to play with