Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday -- Rough day

 Listing  the foods I ate for the whole world to see if they so choose helped me out  so much yesterday I think I will do it again today.  There is a certain check that happens in my soul if I know others will be seeing it.
Breakfast  -- 371
  • Skim milk w. ovaltine banana english muffin and egg whites.
Ok I did good posting my first meal and then went downhill from there.
So todays total calories was  2290.  Grrr! 
It doesn't seem like I did much but time seems to slip by so quickly.
Here is just a few things that have hindered my moving more goal.
  1. I did not excersice...:(   I did go up and down the stairs multiple times though while doing laundry and finding file so I could call on the home warrenty company to see what they can do about our fridge.  It is freezing everything.  Bill has tried to fix it but it doesn't seem to help.
  2. The last two days our side of town has broken water mains which has left our house without water for most of the day. 
  3. Charleigh's sleep schedule at night is pretty consistent but a couple nights ago I think she had a nightmare.  That night she slept in short time periods which means I was up a lot more. Tiredness is starting to take hold.
  4. I also have been working endlessly on my day care contract. There is a lot more to think about then I imagined. I have one family interested so now we just need to get the contract and the sunroom done so the fire marshall can come and inspect.
I also didn't read my Bible.  I did go to a new Bible Study that some of the woman from the MOM's club just started.  I am excited to start studying the Bible with other woman who are or have struggled with similar feelings and issues as I am facing now.  I am hoping it will be a place to build some friendships, have some accountability and support with woman the community where we were planted.

Well I guess I should go and try to lull my wide awake baby to sleep.  Oh I hope this is not another night with limited amount of sleep.

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  1. Have you tried to Google for daycare contracts? That may help you out.