Saturday, April 9, 2011

To Read or Not to Read...and an Overall Update

I did it!!!  I finally did it. Up until this last years I have only been reading text books. The library was a place where you went to study and find research for papers...yuck.  That whole time,  I would check out books from the library but only for my preschool classroom never for me. My problem with checking out  personal books is finding a book that I might like to read. If the story or topic doesn't catch my attention in the first few chapters I usually give up. I am trying to turn over another leaf.

Thanks to the inspiration of the Wamego's MOM's club book club; last night I  finished my first pleasure reading book in at least five years.  The book they read last month was I would tell you I love you but then I would have to kill you. by Ally Carter. It is the first book in a four part series. It  is a  young adult fiction novel about the life of a teen girl who is going to secret girl school to be a spy.  To some it sounds pretty goofy to be reading stories about a teenage girls struggles but  the books was  funny and  uplifting.  The story even had a few little  twists and turns that keep the story interesting.  So today I checked out book 2 in the series. Hopefully it will be as good as book 1.

Note on parenting:
Charleigh is changing like crazy.  She is starting to get her balance  while sitting and getting her crawling stance.   She is starting to be more social with the little  girl that I take care of during the week.  It so funny to watch her stick out her tongue spit and coo at the little girl as she hands her toys.   I am hoping that it is a good friendship in the making.  We are also wondering if the teething process will soon be coming.  She has been fussier this week, chews on everything, and is a little drool monster.  Her latest fascination is in paper  so as I have been trying to read while holding her or laying next to her on the floor she has to  try to grab the pages or if a paper is in my hand her goal is to stick in her mouth.  That is when the nearest chew toy comes in handy as a substitute.

Spiritual note: 
I have not been doing so great with memorizing my verses but have been striving to at least read some of my Bible daily.  I am realizing the rubber needs to meet the road now that I am getting in the habit of reading this book that God breathed his life into.  I am battling a few issues in my life more now than before I was a mom. The biggest areas are having fears for not just me but now for all of us, at times  feelings of  not being good enough at juggling all the different hats a mom has to wear, and balancing time for me like doing personal devotion, or doing a work out and time for serving others outside our home.  I am still meditating on the last verse  I memorized....prepare our mind for action...... As obedient children...not just listen to My (God's) words sit on the couch and watch the world go by know the truth.  Instead let it penetrate you and die to your selfish desires and fears and believe (present active participle)  and know ME and then step our and claim what I am saying is true and DO what I am asking you to do.  It is hard to let him take the reigns and be the guide but I have never been disappointed when I do surrender.  Still looking for ways to make this all tangible outside the four walls of my house.  But as for our family, we are trusting God for our day to day provision and so far he has not let us down.  He has continued to be faithful. 

Physical Note:
I was not doing so great with the weight loss journey so I started following the Weight Watcher plan this last week.  I have also slacked in the couch to 5K training due to the crazy spring weather  but this week decided to add in Turbo Jam on the days I can't run.  Both those changes have made me feel so much better.  I also have been inspired by watching the 11th season of the Biggest Loser.  Who would have thought that the show would help me along my personal journey.
So all in all everything for me is going great!  I hope it going just as well for you.  Until the next time... Adios Amigos

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