Sunday, April 17, 2011

weigh in report

(Scale pictured does not reflect my accurate weight or my goal weight.)
Yesterday morning the scale and I had an appointment to see  if the numbers the appear were in my favor.  I hate it when I initially step on and the numbers roll above and below where your weight should be until it finally stops and registers the accurate total. As I  looked at the final number I had to smile. To date from right after Charleigh's glorious entry into the world to now I have lost 8 lbs. I might have only lost 1 this week  but every pound counts!!!  The 2 pounds I have lost since seriously starting Weight Watchers Points Plus Program  is better than the the 6 pounds the 3 1/2 months  before. 

I am finding the program easy to follow.  I don't know why but there is a difference in counting out the 43 points that I can have each day with weight watchers compared to the 1800-2200 calories I could eat if I were just counting calories.  Luckily you get 49 extra points to "spend" during the week to give you the ability to eat normally and sometimes spurge. 

I did really good at not using those 49 points this week until today.  This morning we went to a pancake breakfast the cub scouts sponsored.  We bought tickets from one of the kids from our couples small group.  It was yummy but between that and the stress of our plumbing situation that is not where it stopped.  I ate quite a few carbs today (my downfall food group).  Then in the evening, since our church has started a babysitting coop. (One or two couples watch the children while the other parents go have dates. That way you get 11 dates a year and you pay for it with one time of watching 15+ kids.), Bill and I escaped for a few moments alone  We went to Planet Sub; I got a 6 inch Philly steak melt sub and  we shared a bag of chips (14 points) and then to Cold Stone and shared a Strawberry Banana Rendezvous Love it dish of Ice Cream ( around 15 points). Whoops!!!  If I were not breast feeding that would be one whole days point allowance.  So the rest of the week the goal will have to be stay on target.  The saving grace for today was that I went out and worked in the yard for a couple hours which burned 6 points so really I only blew  23 of the 49 extra points.  So all in all so far I am OK.

 This next week has one potential pit fall the Easter Holiday.  Bill's dad is coming to town to meet Charleigh so we will probably show him around town and eat out for a couple meals.  Bill says I always go over board when we entertain. Hopefully I keep that in check but we will see how that plays out.  We are just glad he is making the trip to see us. Well  until next weeks weigh in.
Chow for now!!

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