Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Goal on my journey

I had a thought  about the devotional 31 Days to Clean..A Martha House the Mary Way..

The cool thing about this book is it is for the Kindle reader. Never used the technology before. You can download it on your computer if you don't have the device. After exploring how to use it I think I might be hooked. Can take notes highlight passages, adjust light and darknesses of background as well as size of font so it is easier for your eyes.  Technology is making our lives so much least that is my perspective right now...

On to the main thought....

How many of you have seen the movie Julia and Julia?  Great movie about a young womans journey of working through another older and experienced  woman's cookbook.  So here is my crazy thought...

My whole goal for this blog was to capture my first year of motherhood...not sure that is being accomplished so I am going to try to use the devotional to help me focus on one of the hard aspects of being a mom...keeping your house clean and focusing on Jesus.

As I work through each "day"  I will post my thoughts, struggles, acheivements and maybe even some pictures. Realistically, I know some of these Martha  tasks are going to take more than one day to accomplish.  The book does not focus on multiple bedrooms and closets, or family rooms so this journey will not be done at the beginning of June.   Since the Martha aspects will take a little longer I will fill in the Mary aspects with other devotionals and Bible reading or maybe extra contiplation on the thoughts and scriptures Sarah Mae includes. 

If  you are tracking this and you have any tips thoughts or insights on either cleaning or spirtual contemplation addressed at the time I would love to hear your comments. 

Well here's to another set of lofty goals as a mom...Clean houses and Clean hearts..

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