Thursday, May 5, 2011

31 Days to Clean …Day 1
Today's reading assignment was short and sweet.  There was no cleaning assignment just lots of thinking.

Before we get into all the thought provoking material, I would like to draw a backdrop to the story that inspires this book.  It comes from the Bible, Luke 10:38-42
Jesus came to visit Martha’s house.  Martha was running around trying to get everything ready for their special guest.    She must have been anxious because she demands Jesus to tell her sister to help her prepare.  I can just see Jesus saying chill out Martha you are worried about all the wrong things.  Mary has the right idea. Where is Mary?  Listening to Jesus while sitting at His feet.

I think most woman can draw a parallel between themselves and one of these women.  I am like Martha.  I am a planner and I want to know that I have everything right so that everyone is happy, so often times I over do.  I run around trying to get everything done and often the stress seeps out and begins to affect the rest of my family.  It is hard for me to just sit still and do nothing.  My husband on the other hand is the total opposite.  I think that is why God put us together.  He tries so hard to "tame" me but it is a hard task. Mary on the other hand isn't just relaxing and lazy she is sitting t Jesus feet listening to His words and teachings.  I do this but not nearly as often as I should. I do think that the ideal is a balance of Martha and Mary is ideal.

So then my  own question as I start this journey is: What  does it be clean?
Definition of Clean –

·         free from dirt or impurities

·         containing no foreign matter or pollutants

·         freshly laundered or washed after use

Question for day 1 from the book:

What motivates you to have a clean house?  List all the reasons why you want this. These are in no partucular order.

1. People like to come to a place that is clean.
2. Bill likes the house to be uncluttered and I like to please Him.
3. It gives Charleigh a safe place to play and crawl.
4. It will prove to be a good example to Charleigh as she gets older.
5. If everything has a place it is easy to pick up. That way you don't have to spend as much time
     maintaining it.
6. It makes me feel good.
7. You don't have to panic when the unexpected guest come over.
8. Doing daycare it is a state regulation that your house is clean and reasonable uncluttered.
9. Hopefully germs are not spread easily.
10. I won't have to search for things and feel so scatter brained as I walk out the door.
11. I don't want to ever appear on the show Hoarders!!!
12. My grandparents and parents were good examples to me...They had a clean house and an open   door policy so that all were welcome at any time.
13. To some degree the issues you struggle with on the inside you see on the outside environment.
14. You build a house in vain if it is not built on a firm foundation…first Jesus then doing what we feel called to do…wife and mom calling:  Be a help-meet that works to create a wonderful atmosphere in our home.

 Mission Statement:
As the wife and mother it is my job to nurture and care for my family.
One of the most fundamental ways is to have a
clean, safe, welcoming environment
that allows us all to live with freedom and peace.
 It also allows us to have an open door
 to those that need a peaceful place to come and enjoy.

My mission is two fold
1. To stay dedicated to building my relationship with Jesus
through prayer and reading my Bible.
This keeps keep my heart clean soft and plyable so that ...
2.  I can follow in the footsteps of the woman before me in the ability to
Creating a home enviroment that is clean where joy, peace and love flow.

The foundation is now laid so now I am ready to get serious. 

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