Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time to do and sit...

Hi My name is DaNae and I am a doer. 
I have a need in me to be doing something all the time.  This drives my husband crazy as he is a sitter.  He enjoys relaxing reading a book, playing a video game, or just fellowships with people.
  For example when we lived in Laramie we would be at Wendy's with our circle of friends.  After eating and talking, I would ask what the plan for the afternoon was.  Nobody really knew.  Ideas would be discussed of how we could spend the day but then would slowly  digress into side topics.  So I would pose the question again...because I need a plan to wrap my mind around.   One time one of our friends timed me with how long it took me to ask for the 2nd and 3rd time....15 minutes. 
Or when we had Charleigh's 1/2 year birthday party.  While Bill sat talking to all the gentlemen I fluttered around the house making sure needs were met, kids had things to do and brownies were served.  Do I have a problem?

Why do I include the confession of a doer?  The bible story of Mary and Martha and the contrast of Martha's busy life to Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus has been following me around since I started  thinking about doing the 31 Days to Clean Book.   I am inching along in the book because life has been full of activity as well as the fridge being full of food so task one of cleaning it out has seemed daunting.  I thought maybe if I postponed reading more of the book the "theme"  would go away.  No such luck.  Instead it has taken a twist that has made another more pressing issue clear to me. 

I think I have allowed my doer personality creep into my spiritual walk.  So now devotion to Jesus looks more like Martha scurrying around the house than Mary sitting with Jesus to know Him and fall in love with Him more.  I am  trying to put out "fires" in my own power instead of  relying on Him.

So my prayer for me right now is that he would change the desires of my heart to first falling in love with Jesus again.  I am thanking Him for his grace to start a new day fresh with Him.
My final prayer is that he would transform me from the inside out.  Hopefully as this metamorphosis takes place I will in turn become a better wife mother and friend in the process...someone who can enjoy the present moment and not always working for and wondering about the next. 

P.S.  I finally cleaned out the fridgerator.  I had not done it since we moved in almost a year ago.  It was gross!!!  Now that it is clean the goal is to maintain it to a certain degree.  Next project is the kitchen cabinets and drawers.  Now that I do not have children and we are not traveling for awhile I will be focusing on tasks around the house.  Cleaning first, weeding, and finally painting the deck and the downstairs bathroom.

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