Tuesday, August 9, 2011

When the lights went out in Wamego

What a day!!! 
  • Charleigh woke up at 2:30, 4:30, 6:00 then only took a 1/2 an hour nap this morning.
  • New boy here today...actually he has been really good.  A little annoyed with Charleigh following him around wanting to do whatever he does.
  • They city warned us a week ago that the transformer that is in the yard behind mine was leaking and they need to replace it and they would change out electric lines at the same time.  Since there are no alleys on this side of town they wanted to know if they could drive a truck through our newly planted grasss to get the transformer into the other peoples yard.
  •   They started digging a DEEP hole in our yard on Wednesday.  I asked if we would loose power the day that they would be doing all the work.  I asked 3 times with the reply someone will have to call you back or it will only be for about 30 minutes.  Well this morning at 8:15 someone knocked on the door telling  me they will be taking down the fence at 10:45,  So I got the kids ready to go outside only to see them taking down the fence already so no going outside for us today....GRRR!!!!  
  •  They  also informed me that the electricity will be shut off for 2 hours or so starting at 1 PM.  Luckily the high today is only suppose  to be in the 90s.  So when I got Charleigh up from her nap I look out the window the  transformer is sitting there and there are no electric workers anywhere to be seen.
  • I have turned down the AC so the house will be extra cool when they start so hopefully we can endure through the two hours they will be working.
God please give me patience with the things that are going on that are beyond my control and just enjoy the good things like these 3 little children who are being so good today!!!

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