Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday --- New discovery

  • Reading  -- Matthew 5  2:20 AM---Jesus introduces new expectations and  new twist on rules
  • Weigh in -- lost 1 lb. but you know how weight fluctuates throughout the day so I am not going to make this the total measure of my success.  However, I will try to weigh in first thing in the morning after a feeding because I have discovered that with  mommy milk I weighed a lb more.
  • Exercise -- walking around Wal-Mart...does that count
  • Calories -- I ate 2254 calories today which is just outside the range where i should be.  The problem today was food choices. My food choices were bad but self- discovery was good. What discovery did I make? 
  • Story  -- My husband and a friend were working on a home improvement project so I bought them Subway sandwiches for lunch as I left Wal Mart.  Wait!, let me back track a moment.  While in Wal-Mart my husband called and told me the girl scouts brought us our  cookies that I ordered at the beginning of November. So I ordered  3 Subway and figured that  since the guys were doing hard work I would buy them a treat.  I got 6 cookies: 2 Macadamia Nut White Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, or Oatmeal Raisin...all my favorite.  I figured we could each have 2. On the way home I remembered the girls who brought cookies to our house already. I ate one Macadamia Nut. Then after the guys chose the ones they wanted I ate a Chocolate Chip cookie that was left. Then I looked up the calories.  They were both 200+ calories.  When I told my husband how many calories they had he  replied, "Why did you even buy them?"  "I bought for a treat for you guys because you were working so hard."  Then it dawned on me that deep down inside I bought them because I wanted them and they were my excuse.  I would call that self sabotage.  Grrr!!!  But knowing that is the beginning of the battle, right?

Now tomorrow when my husband is at work and I am home alone with no one to see what I am doing; how am I going to stay out of those cookies?  I could toss them in the to extreme.  I could share some with the neighbors...but they probably all got hit up by the actual girl scouts and have a stash of them already.   I could limit myself to a few cookies a day... if I start I won't stop at least by myself so I will have to have Bill around to keep me accountable...Save them for a special occasion.  That sounds like a pretty good idea.  I just have to tell myself no and walk away, (if the cookies decide to call my name some afternoon around 3).  Well guess I have my work cut out for me.  On that note I am signing out.  Sleep well.

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