Saturday, January 22, 2011

update for week one

This week I have had some good moments and bad moments.  
  • Victories for this week is eating better and really realizing how making certain food choices does allow you to eat more for the same amount of calories. 
  • The bad things that have happened going to Chinese Buffet for a birthday lunch and making banana bread because we had to clean out the freezer.  I had to have a way to use the frozen bananas instead of throwing them away.  
I haven't weighed yet but I think that might have hindered the numbers on the scale going down.  I did work out  a couple times this week but I need to do more.  I think the workout  factor was the secret of my success last time.  It just seems hard to make time taking care of a baby. Wait! That is just an excuse, a bad habit that needs to be broken. 

This next week I am going to post all my workouts and calorie totals for the day.   I will also include what part of Matthew I readincluding any earth shattering insights. Maybe that will hold me accountable and lead me forward one step at a time victory.  So with the goals laid out I will say goodnight and see you tomorrow with good news to share.


  1. you could've helped me hang sheetrock...that would've help work off the the banana bread...or you could've walked it down the the street to a neighbor...i wouldn't have complained about you giving it away! :)

  2. keep at it! be forgiving of yourself, learn from the oops and let it go. Build on the wonderful things you did this week, I look forward to following your blog :)