Saturday, March 12, 2011


I need some HELP!!!

The problem all began on Tuesday.  I came home from Mom's Bible Study and Bill and Charleigh were laying on the bed.  Charleigh was asleep and Bill looked perplexed.  I asked how it went.  "I think something possessed my baby."  She had cried for an hour and a half.  It all started when Bill tried to give her a bottle.  

We decided that maybe  we needed to give her a bottle more often so that she will take one when we go on date nights. So today I took  a bottle  with me to meet an old friend for lunch.  I was so glad I didn't try to give it to her at the restaurant because of what happened while I cooked dinner.  Bill tried to give her a bottle and the  same melt down occurred.  I also tried and she absolutely refused. 

I wondered if anyone out there had any other ideas of how to get her to take a bottle again.  If you do PLEASE leave a comment, soon!!!


  1. DaNae, John did this too. He conveniently refused the bottle (for the first time...he had taken it fine before) when I went back to work. We tried switching the actual bottle. I think what ultimately worked was switching the nipple. I ended up using the Medela nipple on one of the ventair bottles. I was a little nervous using that particular nipple because it was faster than I thought he needed, but he liked the softness of it. Other tricks: I would swaddle him while I gave the bottle. I know some babies prefer mom to feed the bottle over dad--you could try that and see if it is her protesting the server :). The other thing I used with John was one of those large exercise balls---it was a magic cure for all melt downs with him. I would hold him in the cradle position (like I was going to nurse him) and bounce with him in my arms on the ball. I would bounce with him while feeding him too and that helped him take a bottle. Hang in there!

  2. Honestly, Some kids take bottles, some won't.... all three of our kiddo's were different.
    Matthew -- super easy, didn't care if it was mom or bottle as long as he got it every 4 hours almost could set your watch by him.
    Joey -- wouldn't ever take a bottle, not from mom, dad, or anyone else. Tried all sorts of nipples, never found one that he liked. But would take a sippy cup, so would pump & give it to him out of a sippy from pretty early on (I think like 3 or 4 months).
    Abby -- depended on her mood. Somedays she would take a bottle, somedays she wouldn't. She did have certain nipples that if she was in the mood to take a bottle, were the only ones she would take. But you never knew whether she would take it or not.
    I was told, that they won't starve... eventually if they get hungry enough, they will take it... but that didn't really help.

  3. Aviah has been bottle fed since she was just a few weeks old. Sometimes if her tummy hurts she will do that. I know she is hungry but she just screams here head off. So I will rock her to sleep and then have found a couple hours later she will take her bottle again. Not sure if the sucking or what hurts her....but she would scream and I let her sleep and then try again and it's all fine. Who knows with the little ones? It did scare me at first and I worried something was wrong. Hope that helps you.