Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sink your teeth into this!!!

Went to the dentist today.  I had a cavity in my right hand front top molar. I had not had a tooth filled in 10 years.  At my last dentist appointment they asked me how long the filling they had to pry out  of my tooth was there.  I had no idea!!! 

So as I sat there with the dentists hands in my mouth and started wondering about the history  of dentistry.  What did the people who lived in Bible Times do?  Expecially those that lived to be 900+ years?  Did they just lose their teeth and have to gum thier food for the rest of thier days?  And who invented all these crazy tools they use while you sit in the  chair totally unable to escape?  Then there is the whole whole fact that they didn't have a local anestitia back then so they did feel the pain of the tools used to penetrate and extract their teeth.  This makes you want to go the dentist doesn't it.

Then my thoughts went to the garden of Eden.  Did God tell Adam and Eve how to take care of their pearly whites before he kicked them out of the garden? Did he tell them that  when they had children they would be born toothless and would get their chompers later?

When my thoughts returned to the here and now.  I realized technology had changed over the years.  They drilled with two drills.Then I had a weird sensations and smell as the put something in my mouth.  They packed the area and then an aparatus with an ultraviolet light  went into the dark open space.  I was told not to eat on the right side for 24 hours  so what ever they stuck in my mouth could set up.  WOW!  That is a long time.

So tonight I am eating soup (as best as I can because my lip is still numb) and other soft things instead of devouring pizza with the girls at Bible study.  All my questions will have to wait till I get to heaven. For now I will just have to be glad that I don't have any decay in the hole on my head.

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